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Specialist Shipping Analysis

In addition to our general financial modelling and spreadsheet services, we also offer specialist modelling for the Shipping industry. A Consultant with in-depth experience in oil, products and gas shipping can build models to help with key business decision-making in these and related sectors.
For example, we can build tools that will enable you to:


  • Calculate voyage costs under a range of different voyage assumptions
  • Identify whether investment in new technology will be financially beneficial
  • Calculate what shipping capacity will be required under different shipping volume scenarios and identify any periods of long or short capacity
  • If you are a Charterer, analyse charter offers to determine which provides┬áthe best value for your company
  • If you are an Owner, demonstrate how a third party may view charter offers that you make
  • Evaluate the financial impact of contract restructuring

LNG as a marine fuel

The adoption of LNG as an alternative marine fuel is an exciting new development in the shipping industry. The decision whether to use an LNG fuelling strategy can be a complicated one. We can evaluate the financial costs and benefits in order to help you make the right decisions.