Financial Modelling

Important business decisions need to be founded on sound financial analysis. You may want to understand whether a new investment will bring financial savings over the longer term, or see how changes to your costs or pricing will impact your bottom line. Using Microsoft Excel we can build logical and easy-to-use financial models that will enable you to make the right choices for your business.


Excel Spreadsheet Design

When used in the right way, spreadsheets are powerful tools for storing, organising and understanding information. Manual processes can be automated and key data can be calculated. We can help to build spreadsheets from new, or take existing spreadsheets and convert them to best practice. Using a range of functions available in Microsoft Excel we can produce attractive, user-friendly spreadsheets that meet your current requirements, whilst also having the flexibility to grow as your needs do.

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Content Creation

With the advent of the digital age there has never been so much demand for quality content. Whether you need to communicate in a clear, factual and straightforward way, or need content with a little more flair and creativity, we can help. We can provide quality copy for a range of different channels, ranging from website text, to blogs, to more traditional marketing materials or articles.

Consultancy to suit your needs

Harrington Swift's financial analysis, spreadsheet design and content creation Consultancy is completely flexible to suit your needs. Our prices are very competitive, and depending on the nature of your requirements we can often offer a fixed price service so that you know what to expect from the start. We are happy to work on a range of projects from small ad-hoc assignments for private individuals or sole traders, to larger assignments for multinational corporations - and everything in between. Our smallest assignments may take no more than an hour, our largest may take a number of months.

In addition to our general services, we also offer specialist Consultancy for the Shipping sector. Please visit our Shipping Analysis page for more details.


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